About ME

Peter Gagnon is a 4th year illustration student dedicated to exploring digital and traditional mediums to create horror and fantasy style images. Inspired at a young age by the suspense and adrenaline rush of shows like Goosebumps, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Scooby-Doo. Peter is a thrill seeker at heart, and can be found rock climbing and camping in his spare time. He is also a fan of the fantasy genre (secretly a druid), playing too much World of Warcraft in its heyday. Thriving in a social, cooperative environment is what makes Peter a fantastic addition to any team. His favourite method of concept generation is bouncing goofy ideas back and forth between friends, with an open sketchbook. If you are looking for a strong, conceptual thinker, and outgoing friend to work alongside you or your team then Peter is the perfect fit. -Katie Coulas